Rubber Doors

Boss Rubber Doors

Boss Rubber Doors

Wiz Overhead Doors is a proud supplier of Boss High-Speed Rubber Doors. Boss Doors are designed with the customers’ needs in mind.


Various motor applications are available upon request. Door speeds up to 48”/s open, 30”/s close. depending on size and configurations.

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Boss Rubber Doors Impact Plates

Impact Plates

Our impact plates are designed to break away upon impact of the door to save on labour and material costs.

Door Seal and Safety

Weather-stripping and curtain support angles are designed to fully seal door openings. Safety vision stripes are added to our curtain for better visibility.

Boss Rubber Door Weather Door Seal

Illuminated Bottom Bar

The bottom bar will not be missed when vehicles arrive. The red LED flashing lights are a great safety feature for all applications, the lights can be programmed at various speeds.

Boss Rubber Doors LED illuminated bottom bar

Not our rubber door? Not a problem!

Our bottom bar is designed to fit any rubber door application.

Extra Safety

In addition to our flashing bottom bars, we offer an extra safety feature in the form of safety signs. These signs flash in sequence with the bottom bar. The combination of the bar and safety signs cannot be missed by any vehicle – improving safety features and reducing downtime.

Caution Closing Door Sign


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