Rubber Doors

Boss Rubber Doors

At Wiz Overhead Doors, we take innovation seriously. Our high-speed rubber doors feature a patented LED bottom bar design and a full aluminum bottom bar, setting new standards in performance and durability. Our cutting-edge technology ensures swift operation without compromising safety or efficiency, making them the ideal solution for high-traffic industrial environments. Trust Wiz Overhead Doors for unparalleled quality and innovation in overhead door manufacturing.

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Boss Rubber Doors Impact Plates

Impact Plates

Our impact plates are designed to break away upon impact of the door to save on labour and material costs.

Caution Closing Door Sign

Extra Safety

In addition to our flashing bottom bars, we offer an additional safety measure in the form of synchronized safety signs. These signs flash in sequence with the bottom bar, ensuring maximum visibility for approaching vehicles. This combined system enhances safety features and minimizes downtime effectively.

Boss Rubber Door Weather Door Seal

Door Seal and Safety

Our weather-stripping and curtain support angles are meticulously engineered to completely seal door openings, ensuring optimal protection from external elements. Additionally, safety vision stripes are integrated into our curtains to enhance visibility and further improve safety measures.

Illuminated Bottom Bar

The bottom bar, equipped with red LED flashing lights, ensures visibility upon vehicle arrival, enhancing safety across various applications. These lights offer customizable programming for different speeds, providing adaptable safety features for diverse needs.

Boss Rubber Doors LED illuminated bottom bar

Not our rubber door? Not a problem!

Our bottom bar is designed to fit any rubber door application.


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